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Biting  Pomeranian Puppies 

by Roberta Malott, Pondisde Toys

Having received a couple of emails recently regarding owners with proble
ms with biting Pomeranians has led me to put together this little information article.  Please note, the information shared here is my personal opinion based on my past experience with a couple of puppies we brought home.  One was a Yorkshire terrier puppy, while the other was a Pomeranian puppy, thereby confirming this is not a breed specific problem.

 Both puppies were taken from their mothers at about six weeks of age, and while some breeders feel this is OK, it most definitely is not in the best interest of the puppy. 

 Puppies need the discipline of their mothers and siblings.  They learn bite inhibition, social skills they will need when they get out into that big world.  By learning bite inhibition, they learn how hard they can bite without hurting the animal or person being bitten.  If they are removed from their family too young (I feel anything before three months is too young), usually they are teething, and their mouths hurt – they want to bite.  If your hand or toes are in the way, they will be bitten.  And if your little puppy has not learned any better, that bite will hurt.  That is when a problem arises.

 New owners now think they have an aggressive puppy.  While all they have is a baby needing the discipline they would have received from their mom or siblings had they not been taken away so young.  Experienced owners can usually handle this quite well, however, new owners don’t realize how to deal with this, and treat it as bad behaviour using negative discipline thinking it will help.  Unfortunately, the negative corrections only make the problem worse and it becomes a vicious circle.  Puppy bites, puppy is shook, or handled roughly, so puppy bites more – you get the idea.  The puppy needs to be treated as he would have been treated by his mom or siblings.  If puppy bites, a very shrill “OUCH” and removing yourself from his play (only for a second or two) will be a start to getting rid of the unwanted biting.  Your puppy will not want you to stop playing, and will soon learn if he bites too hard, you will no longer play.  Puppies need lots of chew toys – especially while he is teething. 

 Please, be aware of breeders who let their puppies leave before 10-12 weeks.  Make sure your new puppy has learned what he needs to know to make him a happy, well adjusted, socialized member of your family.  And that means staying with his mom until he has learned that important bite inhibition.

~ Roberta Malott
Pondside Toys  

Also see To Young to Leave My Mom by Roberta Malott


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