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dedicated to promoting and preserving the breed through responsible ownership, breeding and training

General Information About the Club

The Pomeranian Club of Canada was founded in 1979 as a non-profit organization. The Club is constituted under authority of the Canadian Kennel Club, and operated on the basis of the volunteer activities and contributions of its members. It is a national breed club whose area of operation is all of Canada, and whose purposes, as set out in the Constitution of the Pomeranian Club of Canada, are:

  • to encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Pomeranians and to do everything possible to bring to perfection their natural qualities and enduring health.

  • to urge members, breeders and judges to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Canadian Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which the Pomeranian shall be judged.

  • to do everything in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouragement of sportsman-like competition at dog shows, sanctioned matches, specialty shows, obedience matches and trials and special events.

  • to conduct dog shows, sanctioned matches, specialty shows and obedience trials under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club and to support the entry of Pomeranians at such all-breed shows as the Club may determine.

  • To promote and, wherever possible, police a Code of Ethics which protects the Pomeranian by ensuring that members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics when joining the Club.

The operation of the Club is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws. The matters governed by the Club’s By-Laws are as follows:

  • Article I: Membership ¾ deals with conditions of eligibility for, and termination of membership in the Club

  • Article II: Organization ¾ specifies the structure of the Club’s Board of Directors and duties of its officers; nomination and balloting procedures; formation and structure of Committees; Club discipline procedures;

  • Article III: Meetings ¾ annual, special and board meetings, including the Order of Business and voting procedures;

  • Article IV: Finance ¾ addresses the Club’s fiscal year, dues, banking and dissolution procedures;

  • Article V: Legal ¾ stipulates the Club’s signing authorities/officers;

  • Article VI: Procedure ¾ provides for meetings, etc. to be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order;

  • Article VII: Alteration or Amendment ¾ sets out the procedure for proposing, voting on and approving changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club;

  • Article VIII: Procedure for Specialties or Boosters ¾ governed by the Club’s Board of Directors;

  • Article IX: Effective Date

  • Article X: Indemnification ¾  provides for the protection of Club’s volunteer officers and their agents.

A complete copy of the Pomeranian Club of Canada’s Constitution and By-Laws is available to members. To obtain you copy, Click Here.

The remainder of this page in our website provides additional information about the Club, including a list of the Club’s current Executive Officers, as well as information about the benefits of becoming a member of the Club (including a schedule of fees and a printable application form) together with the latest information on the Club Events.

Executive Officers of the Club
(effective January 2019 ~ please contact club secretary prior to those dates)








Vice President














Director - Prairies







Director - BC







Director - ON







Director - Maritimes














Bev Carter

E-mail: PCOC Webmaster


Membership in the Pomeranian Club of Canada offers many benefits to Pomeranian breeders as well as others that are interested in this breed. First and foremost, membership offers an excellent mechanism for getting, and staying, in touch with others who share your interest in this wonderful and delightful breed of dog. 


All members receive a complementary copy of the Club's Newsletter, Pomeranians in Canada. This is an excellent reference source, providing a wide range of breed specific information such as the recent series on grooming by Christine Heartz, the Club's President and international renowned breeder of Pomeranians. The Newsletter also provides reports on, and pictures of, the Club Specialty which can be especially useful in the (unlikely, we hope) event that you are unable to attend. For Club Members, Newsletter advertising rates are extremely competitive, as is listing your Kennel on the Breeder Referrals page of the Club's website. 


Membership Fees

Membership fees (March 2018)

Current members: membership is paid up to June 30, 2019

New members wishing to join now (March 2018): $35.00 for single membership up to June 30th, 2019, $45.00 for family membership up to June 30th, 2019

Membership effective July 1st, 2018: $25.00 single (1 vote), $40.00 family (2 votes)

Returned Checks

There is a $25 charge for any check returned by your bank for any reason.


Membership Application

Printable Application 


Code of Ethics

The Pomeranian Club of Canada is dedicated to promoting and preserving the breed through responsible ownership, breeding and training. In order to promote the highest ideals among Pomeranian owners and breeders, and to aim for the continuous improvement of the breed within the framework of the CKC Breed Standard, all members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada agree to adhere to the principles set out in its Code of Ethics. Please click here to view the Code of Ethics in its entirety.

Club Events

National Specialty Show Results by Year


The Club's main annual event is the National Specialty Show. The Specialty is held in different provinces across the Country, usually in conjunction with a set of All Breed shows. Other occasional events include boosters, breed education seminars, judges seminars, photo contests, raffles, and so on.


Just click on the year of interest to view the Specialty Report for that year,

  including the Championship Show, Sweepstakes and Performance (when offered).


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