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Agility with Your Pomeranian: The Story of our "Ladybug"

 by Roberta Malott, Pondside

Born Dizzy Dollies Pondside Ladybug - May 12, 1998.  I guess you could call her "pointed" - she has "a" point!  Seems her colour is not the usual and most judges look past her. We love her anyway and in our house - you have to earn your keep so to speak. 


She will play ball for hours.  I mean hours. We decided that maybe she would like to do something else.  Out to the agility equipment we went - AND - she loves to play.  Her speed has to be worked on - but winning is not the important part here - having fun is.  We just completed a "cyber agility" course and she had lots of fun playing "the get lost game".  It taught us how to overcome the problems that arise when the inept handler (me) cannot figure out that #3 obstacle should be done right after #4 obstacle and we become lost on the course!  Ladybug learned to always "come front" in that situation. 

We entered our Nadac Trial in August - no qualifying scores - but a couple of Firsts and lots of fun.  And the photographer got some great action shots.

It's Not a Plane - It's Superbug!

I think I'll stay in here - it's cooler!

Another Jump!

Send me those stories - or next edition you will have to read about the "Cart Races" - where the 2 pom boys got beat by an 11 year old yorkie girl!

Remember - Working Poms are Happy Poms!

Roberta Malott, Pondside Toys
Blenheim On Canada


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