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  The views expressed in material provided here are those of the author(s), and not necessarily the views of the Pomeranian Club of Canada .

The Pomeranian Club of Canada has big plans for this page. We must, however, rely on a number of different and very busy people to provide information and articles. That means this page of our website (which was launched in December 2000) is likely to be Under Construction for some time, with information being added as it becomes available. Some articles will be fairly concise, others will be somewhat lengthy, while still others will be just a summary of Information Booklets that can be purchased from the Pomeranian Club of Canada. Please be patient, and please check back periodically for new articles and information. Most, though not all, of authors of material provided here are members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada. But in all cases, the views expressed in the articles are those of the author(s), and not the Pomeranian Club of Canada.


The following list illustrates the type of information you may expect to find on this page. While many are not yet finished, some are. A link button beside an article indicates it is available ¾ just click on "" or the article title to view it.


(sometimes called BSD or black skin disease)

Alopecia X, sometimes called BSD (black skin disease) is a ‘hairloss’ condition which has been known to affect several of the Nordic breeds, including the Pomeranian. There are many theories and much confusion surrounding this condition. The Pomeranian Club of Canada is taking a leading role in collecting important data to aid in understanding this disease. It is important that we answer one set of survey questions for each purebred pomeranian dog we own, living or deceased. All purebred Pomeranians whether pets or show/breeding dogs should be entered into the survey. Your participation is appreciated and important to the cause. Please click the link below and help us help the dogs.


PCOC-Alopecia-X Survey


CLUB MEMBERS: A few suggested new articles appear below . . . we're still looking for VOLUNTEERS to write these articles, and to suggest and write other articles. So don't be shy . . . become a volunteer. Support your Club and help make this one of the most informative Pomeranian websites on the World Wide Web, one that all Club members can be proud of.

  • Health Matters: Ears, Eyes, Nose and Teeth

  • Nails, Feet and Legs

  • Skin and Coat Problems: Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water by Christine D. Heartz and Email Address

  • A Closer Look: The Anatomy of a Pomeranian by Christine D. Heartz

  • Open fontanels

  • So You Want to Become a Breeder

  • Raising an Orphan Puppy

  • Teeth Problems in Pomeranians  

  • Other suggestions anyone?

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