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Pomeranian Therapy Dog: The Story of Our "Furby"

 by Roberta Malott, Pondside


Hi to all you poms out there.  My name is Furby and I am a therapy dog. "What is a therapy dog you ask?" Well, it's when I go with my friends (an Australian Shepherd, Belgian Sheepdog and a Border Collie/X to visit people who live in Nursing and Retirement homes one day every week. My Mom entered me in some shows when I was a puppy, and everyone kept saying "how big I was".  I only weigh 6 lbs - and if you want big - I live with four Rough Collies - now that is big!  So off I went with Mom - to learn to be a therapy dog.  I pranced into the rooms, pushed past the other dogs (to be honest - I just scooted right under them), and onto a lap.  Got a big hug and told how cute I was.  Well, finally, I had found people who did not think I was "too big". I enjoy every minute of it.

People tell me what an important job I do - bring smiles to people who don't have much to smile about, I feel very special because sometimes people talk to me who never speak to anyone else.  The people tell us all about their pets that they have had in the past, and some have had to be left behind.  I am told we really make a difference. I have been a therapy dog since I was about nine months old, now I am almost 3 years old.

I look forward to my Thursdays, with all my dog buddies and friends at the Homes.  We visit several Homes, but only 2-3 each Thursday.  Some of the people we only get to see every four weeks.  I wish we could see them more - they really look forward to us coming to visit them.  The only thing we don't like too well - our Moms dress us up for the holidays like Christmas and Easter.  But, WE DO LOOK SO CUTE!  And where else can you get all the treats you want, get hugs and told how cute you are?

This is a picture of me in my Christmas finery

being held by one of my special friends - she thinks I am pretty nice.

So, if any of you don't like the show ring, OR if somebody says you are too big - not so - you just ask if you can be a therapy dog.  It is a fun job and you will bring happiness to many people.

I also play around in the agility ring - but that is another whole story. 

Oh, by the way, did I tell you if you learn to dance on your back feet and beg - you get even more treats?  I also learned to sit and speak. The people think that is pretty cute.

Well, I better go so, with pen in paw, I will say - BYE for Now.

~ Furby Clark
My Mom, Marg Clark


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