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PCOC Website Advertising: Information and Pricing

      (Advertising is available only to members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada at this time)


  • Initial annual fees are pro-rated based on the number of months remaining in the 12-month, July to June period. There is no fee reduction for listings of 10 months or more. 

  • When calculating pro-rated listing fees, do not count the month in which you submit your listing as it may take several weeks for your listing to be placed on our site.

  • All listings are organized in alphabetical order by Kennel name. In the case of Stud Dog listings, these are organized by province in alphabetical order by Kennel name, or by surname if you do not provide a kennel name.

  • The format for all listings is essentially the same with two basic ad-styles to choose from (colors may vary to suit the photo you submit). Please view some of our existing  Breeder or Stud Dog ads to get an indication of what your ad will look like.


There are basically three advertising options available at the present time. These are

  1. Pomeranian Breeders Page Listing (no photo)

  2. Pomeranian Breeders Page Listing with a one-page Web-Ad

  3. Stud Dog Ad, with Three-Generation Pedigree

Prices are as follows, with discounts shown for two or more ad combinations:


Listing on the Pomeranian Breeders Page Only

(no photo beside listing unless also subscribing to a one-page ad)

  • $10.00 annual listing fee

  • Format of listing is as follows:


Owner's Name

Mailing Address

Telephone Number

Email Address (if available, with a hyperlink)

Website URL (if available, with a hyperlink; can also be linked to Web-Ad)


Single Page Web-Advertisement

(includes Pomeranian Breeders page listing with photo beside listing providing a link to the web-ad)

This is a must for members who do not have their own website, and nice even for those who do. This one page web-advertisement is an excellent way to promote your kennel and show your Pomeranians to the world. See fees below.


Pomeranian Breeders Listing and Web-Ad Fees










First Listing/Web-Ad: 

  • $10.00 initial set-up fee/one time charge (add $5.00 if you want a pedigree included)

  • $20.00 annual listing fee 

Second Breeder Listing/Web-Ad:

  • $  7.50 set-up fee (one time charge)

  • $15.00 annual listing fee

Third and Subsequent Breeder Listing/Web-Ad:

  • $  5.00 set-up fee (one time charge)

  • $10.00 annual listing fee

Stud Dog Advertisement

(organized by province/country, and then alphabetically by kennel name)


Stud Dog Ad Fees

First Stud Dog: 

  • $15.00 initial set-up fee (one time charge)

  • $20.00 annual listing fee 

Second Stud Dog:

  • $  7.50 initial set-up fee (one time charge)

  • $15.00 annual listing fee

Third and Subsequent Stud Dog:

  • $  5.00 initial set-up fee (one time charge)

  • $10.00 annual listing fee

Pomeranian Breeder and Stud Dog Advertisement (one of each)

  • $20.00 initial set-up fee (one time charge for both)

  • $30.00 annual listing fee (for both)

Information required to process a listing is as indicated in the table below. Information must be recorded exactly as you wish it appear in your subscription on the website, and if text line limits are exceeded, text must be submitted in an MSWord document. Make sure you print clearly or type. You may, if you wish, print and use the table below to submit you information.

Kennel Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Owner's Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Address:  ______________________________________________________________________________
Province/State ____________________________ Postal/Zip Code _______________ Country _______________
Telephone ( ____ ) _________________________                            Fax: ( ____ ) _____________________
E-mail ________________________________________________________________________________
Website URL  ___________________________________________________________________________

Registered Name of Stud Dog(s) if applicable:



Breeder (if desired): _________________________________________________________________________________
Pedigree for Stud Dog(s) if applicable: Maximum of three generations

Caption for Web-Ad/Stud Dog Photo: Maximum 1-line about 50 characters, including spaces
(may be longer than this if text is submitted  in an MSWord Document, exactly as it is to appear on the PCOC website)



Text for Web-Ad/Stud Dog: Maximum 2-3 lines, about 200-225 characters, including spaces 
(may be longer than this if text is submitted  in an MSWord Document, exactly as it is to appear on the PCOC website)





Format of Photo for Stud Dog/Web-Ad: __ original by mail  __ jpg by e-mail 

You must send either an original photo which will be returned to you, or send your photo in "jpg" format to the e-mail address listed below. Please be sure to put your name, complete mailing address and telephone number on the back of all original photos.


Please note that there is one month's grace on renewal (due by June 30th of each year) after which listings/web-ad would be removed. Reinstatement would incur another set-up charge. Reminders will be sent 4-6 weeks before ads expire.


Subscribing to Stud Dog Listing/Web-Ad Services

If you wish to subscribe to either of these services, please send the information  necessary  for your ad electronically (e.g., typed in an MSWord doc or in an email) if at all possible, and include photo if applicable, to:


Email Address, Webmaster

Pomeranian Club of Canada

Call or Email for Snail mail information

Telephone: (709) 341-0489

E-mail: pcocwebinquiry@pcoc.net


Please do not send payments to the Webmaster, it just makes extra and unnecessary work.

All payments must be sent to the Treasurer:


Returned Checks

There is a $25 charge for any check returned by your bank for any reason.


Sue Betts, Secretary

Pomeranian Club of Canada

4070 Green Road

Hampton, ON L0B 1J0


905.263.8816           Email: pcocsecretary@hotmail.ca


Please make your check or money order payable to the Pomeranian Club of Canada.

Do not send cash through the mail.

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