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Letter from PCOC Executive

March 2018

Dear members past, present and future,

The Pomeranian Club of Canada is promoting a membership drive to bring our club back to the thriving and national specialty holding club it has been in the past.  As with many dog clubs, the last few years has seen a decline in membership and in volunteers.  We are hoping we can encourage you to renew your membership and help revitalize our CKC recognized purebred Pomeranian National Club. 

Why should you be a member of the PCOC?

Ψ We all love Pomeranians

Ψ To take pride in and to advertise that you as a Pomeranian breeder and/or owner, are a part of the national breed club that the CKC refers calls from prospective owners to

Ψ To support specialties and the promotion of our wonderful breed

Ψ To support the ongoing research into Pomeranian health issues, particularly the study of BSD.  The PCOC is the largest single contributor to this cause in the world and we continue to support the fight to eliminate this disease from our breed

Ψ To provide mentorship to those new in the breed or to learn all you can about the breed

Ψ To have your name listed on our website for free with opportunities to pay a minimal fee for a business card ad (details to come later)

Ψ Without a Club, individual breeders do not have as strong a voice when it comes to Breed Standard revisions and or updates. The CKC looks to the Breed Clubs for direction.

Club plans for the immediate future include:

·        holding sanction matches in different parts of our country to promote the PCOC and to then hold a National Specialty

·        creating some type of regular online newsletter/magazine in which members can advertise, articles can be submitted, brags and litters promoted to name a few things.  Hopefully we can send this out to judges which we have done in the past

·        an election for a new executive as the current term ends June 30, 2018

·        some type of first year membership incentive for new dog and puppy owners

·        membership fees waived (effective 2019) for executive members

Membership fees:

New members effective July 1st, 2018, will change to the following: $25.00 single membership, $40.00 family.

If you have been a loyal member and are paid up until June 30th, 2018, we will extend your membership up to June 30th, 2019. (a free year!)

If you aren’t currently a member and wish to join now, $40 will pay for your membership from now (March) up to June 30th, 2019.

What's new on our website

Why become a member of the PCOC?

In our case, we all love Pomeranians!  

We support the club by donating our time, some through rescue, some offer themselves as Directors of the Club. Many feel they have neither the time or the skills and prefer that their yearly membership goes toward helping in whatever way their money can be put to best use.

Your Membership fee goes directly into supporting all of the above as well as funding Specialties every year. One of the biggest ways your Membership in the Pomeranian Club of Canada helps, is to support the ongoing research into Pomeranian Health issues, particularly the study of BSD. The PCOC is the largest single contributor to this cause in the world and continues to support the fight to help our Pomeranians eliminate this horrible disease from our breed. Sometimes support for a cause is just that, support for a cause.

Your membership fees entitles you to vote on club issues and to receive member communication either in the form of an emailed newsletter or digital magazine.

We would love to have you join our club.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact any one of our club executives.



Check out this comprehensive pet safety guide, which includes chapters on

common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners. 






Update on our Alopecia X-Survey

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Article on the Wolf Sable pattern in our beautiful breed

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 Pomeranian Club of Canada

National  Specialty Shows


Click Here for Results of PCOC Specialty Shows including the most recent

The Science of Alopecia X: Shedding the Myths

 Dr. Paul Eckford, PhD (Biochemistry) B.Sc. (Biochemistry)

TinyBear Pomeranians



There is no more divisive issue in the Pomeranian community than the unexplained loss of coat in the young Pomeranian.  The internet is replete with ‘experts’ who have all of the answers to where it comes from, who is causing it, how it is passed, how to identify it months or even years before it becomes apparent and, even how to cure it.


Here many of the myths and much of the misinformation will be challenged, and the scientifically sound facts on the disease will be highlighted.  In particular the article focuses on the future and how scientists are working to identify the cause of the disease, and how to identify it by a genetic test which will allow breeders to screen their dogs and avoid producing Pomeranians that lose their coats.  This article discusses how we can come together as a community to stop the loss of coats in OUR breed, if we truly want to.  Only the support of the Pomeranian community will bring about a real solution to the Alopecia X phenomenon.


Dr. Eckford is Chair of the Pomeranian Club of Canada's Health and Genetics Committee

He can be contacted at paul@tinybearpoms.com


Click Here to read the entire article or here to visit our Health and Genetics page

 first published in the June 2012 edition of Pomeranians in Canada, our national breed magazine

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  Also by Christine Heartz

"The Pomeranian Breed Standard: An Illustrated Interpretation and Elaboration"

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Please Support Research on

Black Skin Disease in Pomeranians

by the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Click Here for more information.

CHF will match funds donated at approximately a 1:2 ratio ~ a way to double your donation to research


The  Pomeranian Club of Canada stands united in its opposition to euthanasia of
otherwise healthy dogs who have Alopecia X sometimes known as Black Skin Disease.

Please visit the website of

Pomeranian Charitable Trust



This is an especially informative site for new Pom people just first hearing about Alopecia X

but also a place for any new information to appear for veteran Pom people.


Needlefelt Sculptures


Christine Heartz

Brookfield , Nova Scotia  

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Did you know . . .
that Beatrix Potter, who wrote and illustrated the famous and much loved "Peter Rabbit" books, also wrote a story about a black Pomeranian, Duchess. In "The Pie and The Patty Pan", the little Pomeranian is invited over to her cat-friend's house for tea. Feeling certain her friend will be serving mouse pie, Duchess goes to considerable lengths and gets herself in quite a pickle to avoid having to eat mouse while at the same time trying not to offend her friend. "The Pie and The Patty Pan" is Number 17 in the Beatrix Potter book series. There were also two Beswick figurines of Duchess issued about 25 years ago that are quite rare — the one with the little black Pomeranian holding the flowers is worth several hundred dollars!
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