Code Of Ethics

C O D E   O F   E T H I C S

The Pomeranian Club of Canada is dedicated to promoting and preserving the breed through responsible ownership, breeding and training. In order to promote the highest ideals among Pomeranian owners and breeders, and to aim for the continuous improvement of the breed within the framework of the CKC Breed Standard, all members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada agree to adhere to the following principles:

  1. I will follow the rules of good sportsmanship in all Pomeranian related activities.
  2. I will fully explain to all prospective Pomeranian purchasers, the disadvantages as well as the advantages of owning a Pomeranian.
  3. I will attempt to help and befriend novice exhibitors and breeders.
  4. With love and respect for the Pomeranian, all my dogs will receive the best care, including regular thorough grooming and proper inoculations.
  5. I will keep well-informed in the field of genetics and will work persistently to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed.
  6. Before considering any breeding, I will analyze the conformation and pedigrees of the prospective sire and dam. With the Breed Standard clearly in mind, I will refuse the mating if, in my opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed.
  7. If I breed, I will breed and select healthy family pets and whenever possible, I will sell all pets on a CKC Non-Breeding Agreement and/or spay/neuter contracts.
  8. I will refuse to deal with dog wholesalers or sell puppies or dogs to pet shops.
  9. I will not euthanize nor require euthanization of otherwise healthy Pomeranians because they have Alopecia X (also known as BSD, Black Skin Disease).
  10. I agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Canadian Kennel Club [see also CKC Breeder Code of Practice] and the Constitution and By-Laws of the Pomeranian Club of Canada.
  11. In signing this pledge and joining the membership of the Pomeranian Club of Canada, I agree to work towards the protection and advancement of the Pomeranian. If, at any time, I find I cannot work with the guidelines, I agree to voluntarily relinquish my membership in the Pomeranian Club of Canada.