Breed Education

Breed Education 

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(sometimes called BSD or black skin disease)
Alopecia X, sometimes called BSD (black skin disease) is a ‘hairloss’ condition which has been known to affect several of the Nordic breeds, including the Pomeranian. There are many theories and much confusion surrounding this condition. The Pomeranian Club of Canada is taking a leading role in collecting important data to aid in understanding this disease. It is important that we answer one set of survey questions for each purebred pomeranian dog we own, living or deceased. All purebred Pomeranians whether pets or show/breeding dogs should be entered into the survey. Your participation is appreciated and important to the cause. Please click the link below and help us help the dogs. 

PCOC-Alopecia-X SurveyGrooming and Trimming the Pomeranian: An Illustrated Guide by 
Christine D. Heartz, Chriscendo

Grooming and Trimming the Pomeranian: AVideo Guide
with Christine D. Heartz, Chriscendo

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, or Dry Eye 
by Lisa Stasiuk, Diogenoir
“Happy Training” for Your Pomeranians 
by Roberta Malott, Pondside
Pomeranian Breed Standard: An Illustrated Interpretation and Elaboration
by Christine D. Heartz, Chriscendo
Dem’s the Breaks: Pomeranians and Broken Legs 
by Lisa Stasiuk, Diogenoir
Creating a Show Dog 
by Jeanne Blank, Absolute Poms

Black Skin Disease: A Series of Articles from Various Sources
Various Authors/Sources

Canine Vaccinations: A Selection of Papers/Articles from Various Sources
compiled by Email Address, Damascusroad

You are What You Eat, and so is Your Dog! Papers/Articles from Various Sources
compiled by Email Address, Damascusroad

by Lee Weston, submitted by Christine Heartz, Chriscendo Pomeranians

Patella Luxation
by Dr. Lucy Henney and Dr. Craig Riggs, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, Bloomfield, Michigan
submitted by Email Address

Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)s
Copyright © 1998 Canine Inherited Disorders Database. All rights reserved.Revised: July 12, 1999;
Submitted by Bev Carter, Damascusroad 

Anal Glands
Submitted by Bev Carter, Damascusroad 

Pomeranian Therapy Dog: The Story of Our “Furby”
by Roberta Malott, Pondside 

Agility with Your Pomeranian
byRoberta Malott, Pondside 
Pomeranians Can be Working Dogs Too
by Roberta Malott, Pondside 
Parasites and Walking Dandruff
by Deborah Sullivan, Babydoll Pomeranians
What is an Obedience Title
by Sandy Mowery
Buddy Sheet – Instructions for Animal Care Should Something Happen to You 
contributed by Roberta Mallott
Too Young to Leave My Mom 
contributed by Roberta Mallott
Teeth and Dental Care 
contributed by Diane Finch

Tube Feeding 
This excellent article is reprinted with permission from the website of 

Chu Lai Pekingese.
Many thanks to Pat & Charles Farley for this excellent article, and for permission to reproduce it here.

Biting Pomeranian Puppies 
by Roberta Malott, Pondside Toys
Why Supplement Toy Breed Puppies With Calcium/Phosphorus?
by Diane Finch
Letter from a lady who successfully brought the coat back on a BSD dog  
from Corinne who owns Ginger
Physical therapy
great resource on physical therapy for pets
Article on the Wolf Sable pattern in our beautiful breed, you will need Adobe Reader to open this file