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The Pomeranian Breed Standard: 

An Illustrated Interpretation and Elaboration

   by Christine D. Heartz, Chriscendo  Price: $10 Canadian/$10 US 

The CKC Breed Standard describes the Pomeranian as "a compact, short-coupled dog, well knit in frame . . . sound in action . . . head should be wedge-shaped, somewhat foxy in outline . . . muzzle should finish rather fine . . . ears should be small, not set too far apart or too low down . . . shoulders must be clean and well laid back . . . back must be short and level . . . body compact, being well ribbed up and rounded . . . chest must be fairly deep . . ." and so on.

Does some of that sound like a foreign language to you? Ever wonder what some of those, and other, terms used in the CKC Breed Standard to describe the "ideal" Pomeranian mean? Ever wonder what the conformation Judges think it all means?

A must for Pomeranian breeders and exhibitors, this Information Booklet is an authoritative guide to interpreting and understanding the CKC Pomeranian Breed Standard. Written by one of the world's most well known breeders, exhibitors, and foremost authorities on Pomeranians, this Booklet is based on a presentation given to Judges, prepared and presented by Christine Heartz. This interpretative guide is supported by extensive illustrations hand drawn by the author, an artist in her own right. This is one Booklet no serious breeder or exhibitor of Pomeranians will want to be without.

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