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Stud Dogs 

(Listings are organized by Province and alphabetically Kennel name)  

 The Pomeranian Club of Canada assumes no responsibility whatever for dealings you may have with breeders whose stud dogs are listed here. These listings are available to members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada, and are provided on a fee-for-service basis. 


Members of the Pomeranian Club of Canada may advertise their Stud Dogs on this page. For more information, including prices and sample Stud Dog listing, click on:

Pricing & Other Information

Canadian listings are grouped together by province, in east to west order, and within provinces are organized alphabetically by Kennel name (or owner's name if no Kennel name is provided). Non-Canadian listings are organized alphabetically by Country, and by state in the United States. Click on the name of any province or country to view listings for that area. 

Canada: Stud Dogs

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Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

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Prince Edward Island

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British Columbia

United States: Stud Dogs

(Please see COPYRIGHT NOTICES at the bottom of this page)


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All photos used throughout this website, whether in paid advertisements, Specialty or other reports, are the sole COPYRIGHTED property of the listed Breeder/Owner. All rights to these photos are reserved to the Breeder/Owner, and they may not be copied, distributed or used without the express written permission of the Breeder/Owner. They are used here by permission. Any unauthorized use constitutes theft.


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